Who Am I?

I am John Galt – John Taggart Galt.

That’s not actually my name but my parents were the real life inspiration for the fictional characters John Galt and Dagny Taggart in the famous and controversial mid-century novel. How do I know this? My “Auntie Ayn” told me so.

In fact, early on when she told my parents of her book concept they had a good laugh about it and decided to name their first born in such a way as to honor the characters. That’s how I got the initials “JTG”.

I have completed masters programs in operations research, history with an emphasis on American post-war history and in strategic planning at the Naval War College. I served over twenty years in the United States Navy, many times on the “front lines”.

My purpose in writing this blog is to continue my service by providing a counterpoint to the dominant debate on the important issues of the day in the public square. Why is that necessary? Because the American voting public has been subject to an insidious campaign over the past fifty years to deny the People all of the information they need and the tools to decide how to fulfill their most important duty – to cast an informed vote.  One need only watch the man-in-the-street interviews that are broadcast by the major television networks, or read some of the discussion threads on the Internet to understand how uninformed and intellectually lost the American voter really is. Not only is this unhealthy in a democratic-republic, it is culturally suicidal.

I will also provide a serialized, contextual historical and thematic narrative for those Americans (and they are many) who have been deprived of the opportunity to recognize the real and present danger they are facing because of a deliberate and sustained effort, on the part of some Americans, to change the character of America itself from a nation of free and exceptional citizens to a nation controlled by an imperial federal government run by a few, self-appointed elites.