Islam and the Constitution

Comparative religions expert Diane Sori has analyzed Islamic teachings and practice with respect to the United States Constitution, Supreme Court opinions and legal precedent. Her findings:

1. A [religion] must be organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational, scientific, or other charitable purposes.  [It is factually evident that] Muslims, while inside [some] mosques, engage in recruiting terrorists and jihad training within their confines, and none of this is for religious purposes or for charity but is for the singular [secular political] purpose of killing or hurting those they consider infidels.  

2. Net earnings may not inure to the benefit of any private individual or shareholder.  [It is factually evident that] Muslims, while inside [some] mosques, raise monies to bail terrorists out of jail, and to send monies overseas to support recognized terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, [ISIS] and Hamas.  

 3. No substantial part of the mosque’s activity may be attempting to influence legislation.                    [It is factually evident that] Muslims, while inside [some] mosques, hold meetings to organize, push for, and write papers and such to prepare their case for sharia law to be implemented in this country.  

4. A mosque may not intervene in political campaigns. [It is factually evident that] Muslims, while inside [some] mosques, actively work for, and campaign for, Muslim or pro-Muslim leaning candidates so they win their elections and thus can infiltrate our government and influence legislation in their favor. 

 5. A mosque’s purposes and activities may not be illegal or violate fundamental public policy.  For a mosque to openly speak out, or organize in opposition to anything that our government declares ‘legal,’ that mosque has jeopardized its tax exempt status.”

Why is this important? Read on.

“A moderate imam who raised alarms more than a decade ago about a radical shift at two controversial Boston mosques he led for decades says he was ousted for his efforts by a local doctor whose son joined ISIS and replaced by a man now with the infamous Pakistani terrorist group behind the 2008 Mumbai bombings.

Imam Talal Eid told that creeping radicalism put him increasingly at odds in the late 1990s with the board of directors of the Islamic Center of New England, where he served from 1982 until 2005. But when Eid, nominally in charge of the religious teaching at the center’s mosques in Sharon and Quincy, resisted, he was left in fear for his safety and eventually was driven out by Dr. Abdul-badi Abousamra, at the time a prominent endocrinologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and president of the 1,500-member [Islamic] Center.

“At times, I was fearful for my safety,” said Eid, a former member of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom who now runs a mosque in Toledo, Ohio. “When I would stand up for what I believed in, and there was a clash, you see how I could be scared.”

Dr. Abousamra, who has since moved to Doha, Qatar, was one of the Boston Muslim community’s most powerful and prominent figures in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In addition to being the center’s president, he was vice-president of the Muslim American Society of Boston, which ran the Islamic Society of Boston, a Cambridge mosque that shared many members with those run by the Islamic Center of New England.

All three mosques have ties to a host of known and suspected terrorists, including Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the brothers behind the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing; Aafia Siddiqui, aka “Lady Al Qaeda,” the Pakistani woman and Usama bin Laden associate now serving an 86-year federal sentence; and, more recently, Usaama Rahim, the 26-year-old man killed by police, after brandishing a knife and allegedly plotting to behead Boston cops.

Even as Abousamra was exerting a radical influence on the leadership of mosques he helped run, law enforcement authorities say his son, a Northeastern University graduate raised in the Boston suburb of Stoughton, was training in Middle Eastern terror camps, aiding Al Qaeda and plotting attacks on U.S. soil. Ahamad Abousamra left Boston for Syria in 2006 while under investigation for terror-related charges that would later lead to an indictment, and is now believed to be running ISIS’ social media operation.

When Eid was ousted from the center, it soon became clear which direction leaders wanted to go. He was replaced by Muhammad Hafiz Masood, an assistant imam who had been forced on him in 1998 by Abousamra and who was known for fiery sermons easily interpreted as promoting violence. “This is when I started to fear for my safety,” Eid said. “I was pushing for one thing, and the board was pushing for something else, and I was alone facing them.”

A year after Eid left, Masood fled the U.S. after being arrested for visa fraud – a growing problem and threat to U.S. sovereignty. He resurfaced in Pakistan, where he is now spokesman for the Pakistani terrorist organization Jamaat-ud-Dawah, a group founded by his brother, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Saeed also founded Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistani terrorist group behind the 2008 coordinated bombings in Mumbai that killed 164 and wounded hundreds more. Law enforcement sources say the two groups are one and the same.

Eid said he was not aware at the time of the radicalization of the younger Abousamra, which included a 2002 trip to Yemen where he trained at a terrorist camp with Massachusetts pal Tarek Mehanna. Abousamra fled to Syria in 2006, but in 2009 he and Mehanna were indicted on federal terrorism charges, including providing material support to Al Qaeda in Iraq – the precursor of ISIS – and an aborted plot to attack a suburban Massachusetts mall. Mehanna is serving a 17-year federal prison sentence.

Abousamra, a graduate of Northeastern University, is said to be a computer whiz who has risen to the top of ISIS’ media operation. He is rumored to have been killed in an airstrike in Syria, but the FBI, which has a $50,000 bounty on him, has not confirmed that.

While it is unclear whether the radicalizing impact of Masood and the senior Abousamra on the three Boston-area mosques lingers today, the non-profit organization Americans for Peace and Tolerancebelieves many of Masood’s supporters remain in leadership roles in the Boston Muslim community.

“There are many dots connecting Masood and his associates to terrorist activity in the city, past and present,” Americans for Peace and Tolerance Director of Research Ilya Feoktistov said. “With two ISIS-inspired terrorist plots thwarted in the Boston area in the past two months, the threat of radical Islamic terrorism to the city continues to grow.”

Eid stressed that the vast majority of Muslims at the Center’s mosques and at houses of worship throughout the nation do not attend for any other reason than to pray and reflect on the [peaceful] messages of the Koran. It is up to leaders to ensure that moderate voices like his are not drowned out by the shrill calls to radicalism, he said. “Do we need to wait for a tragedy to happen?” Eid said. “We need to allow more moderate Muslim voices, so that life can go smoothly in our society.”

Those are fine sentiments but, the reality of Islamic culture throughout the world does not allow for voices of moderation –and cites the Koran as authority. Wherever and whenever they dare to speak out against the prevailing mood of Islamic leadership – which is hostility to all things Western – except Western weapons with which to kill infidels and Western social media with which to recruit new fighters for Allah – the very real possibility is that fellow Muslims will kill them, and or their families, for speaking out. It’s been radical Islam’s modus operandi worldwide for decades – make that millennia.

This fear is rightfully pervasive throughout the Muslim world. That is why any criticism of radical Islamic atrocities is always muted and action in protest is nonexistent. This paralyzing dread exists in all of the approximately 2500 mosques in America. How could it be otherwise when the “holy” book of Islam mandates violence against anyone who departs from the narrow path that Mohammad set out for the faithful to follow nearly fifteen centuries ago? Radical Islamists are living in the “end times”. Their theme is the worldwide Caliphate. Their script is the Koran. They read it constantly.

How can this environment be allowed in 21st Century America with all of our Constitutional protections? The reason this environment is currently allowed in America is that the Democrat Party-mainstream press-judicial-academia-entertainment cabal (PLDC) has prevented the truth from reaching the American people for fear of being labeled “Islamophobic” or worse, racist. To the PLDC, it’s all about “feelings”. To the rest of the world, it’s about survival. Absurd? You bet!

What truth? That a significant number of the more than 2500 mosques in America (perhaps a majority) are breaking the laws regarding their religious tax-exempt status because they are not being operated as religious entities.

Is this a big deal? It is to the more than 100 million American taxpayers, most of whom are not represented by the cabal! Why would the PLDC do this? Because, like most people out for personal gain and glory, they don’t care about anybody else, especially Democratic Party opponents or political non-participants, or they are personal cowards and simply are afraid to confront the issue for fear of violent reprisals like we have seen in Europe. It is also a big deal to ordinary Americans who live in fear of being killed in an Islamic inspired attack in their hometown – like San Bernardino, or Boston, or Chattanooga, or Orlando and not having the power to do anything to protect themselves – power that the PLDC does have.

More importantly, Diane Sori asks the question:

“What are [the] rights, as Americans, that the intrusion of Islam into our society is not allowing [all of] us to have?  Our rights come from the living, loving God of the Holy Bible, the book our nation was founded upon, NOT upon the false god Allah, and NOT upon the vile book known as the Koran.” 

And our rights, spelled out [implicitly in our Constitution] and Declaration of Independence, are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the very things Islam goes against.” When these rights are otherwise denied by, what everyone would agree looks like, sounds like and acts like a cult or gang, the perpetrators are prosecuted under the law. Why not in the case of radical, terrorist-supporting Muslims in America?

“Islam, [as commanded by the Koran] is a[n institution] …of oppression and death, instead of a religion of life, as noted in its oppression of women, its condoning of murder and its honor killings for even the most mild of transgressions.  The Koran actually instructs Muslims to torture (Sura 4:56: Surely, those who disbelieve in our revelations, we will condemn them to the hellfire. Whenever their skins are burnt, we will give them new skins. Thus, they will suffer continuously. GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.), and kill non-believers.

Women are forced to cover their faces and bodies (Koran: 24:31: And tell the believing women to subdue their eyes, and maintain their chastity. They shall not reveal any parts of their bodies, except that which is necessary. They shall cover their chests with their ‘khimar’, and shall not relax this code in the presence of other than their husbands, their fathers… or the children who have not reached puberty. They shall not strike their feet when they walk in order to shake and reveal certain details of their bodies…), and are at the total command and will of their husbands and other male members of their family. This level of submission imposed upon Muslim women reveals a true psychopathic hatred for the female in society – usually a result of some childhood trauma – one probably involving a woman or girl who was important to the child Mohammad.

So, if Islam goes against our inalienable right to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’, guaranteed to us under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence; if Islam goes against what God the [benevolent] Creator [central to Western Civilization] has set down for us, how can Islam be what our Founding Fathers meant by religion…it can’t be.

Islam [could legitimately be called, under our laws, a] ” … a socio-political hate group posing as a religion. One insight of interest is that “allahu akbar!” is not Arabic for “God is great!”, but “God is greatest!” – that is, Islam’s god, Allah is above all others. In other words, Muslims believe that their god and their religion is supreme, because it is indestructible!” (That is a dangerous belief. Remember, the Titanic was thought to be unsinkable!)                                        

I think we gain more by calling it a supreme, multi-faceted, political, social, cultural and judicial system incompatible with the democratic principles, God-given rights and freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. The global spokesmen for Islam, the Ayatollahs in Iran, continually state that Islam’s goal is the destruction of our country and system of government. It seeks to dominate and replace our government and system of laws with a Caliphate and Sharia law. Religion and fear are simply the vehicles this political system uses to spread itself and oppress those who don’t abide by its rules and Sharia Law.

Are all Muslims in America believers in the 7th Century version of Islam we know as Radical Islam with its culture of death and destruction? Of course not. In all probability, only a small minority support it and then only within the walls of America’s mosques. What American Muslims have failed to do is to speak and act out in opposition to Radical Islam in America because they are scared to death – and with good reason. 

The vast majority of the rank-and-file Muslim faithful in America practice Islam as a religion although radicals exist in any number of mosques and in the prison system. It must become the duty of the Muslim faithful to purge American Islam of the corrupting passages in the Koran and the Hadith – the passages and concepts that they already reject in practice – and cast out the offending radicals just as the Christian faithful, in the late Middle Ages, cast out the corrupt Catholic Church officials or left the Church themselves to begin new religions – free of the offending corruption.

Specifically, Islam in America could become compatible with our Constitutional democracy and once again be considered a “religion” for 1st Amendment protection purposes, if it undertakes its own “reformation” by eliminating all tenets of discrimination, intimidation, violence, terror, coercion, inequality, the rule of man – and any other calls for evil – from its Koran and Hadith. Until then it must be recognized for what it is – a state-of-mind incompatible with freedom and the rule of law. 

Now that we have disposed of the erroneous relationship between Islam and our Constitution, we can properly address the nature of the threat that radical and militant Islam poses to our very survival as a society based on moral truth. The truth is that radical Islam, as it exists today in the world – meaning all of those persons, anywhere and everywhere, influenced by the literal message of the Koran as interpreted by the leaders of Islam in the Muslim world – is a direct threat by a mortal enemy of Western civilization that must be eliminated from the face of the earth just as was required of Nazism, Communism and Fascism in the last century. 

Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, half of the world’s wars have involved jihad – what we know as the Islamic euphemism for the justified terror and murder of innocents in the name of Allah – and scholars estimate that 300 million current Muslims consider themselves commanded by Islamic law to “slay infidels”, overthrow non-sharia compliant institutions and conquer all non-Muslim governments throughout the world to establish their “Caliphate”. Then, of course, they would turn on their own – women, children, gays, etc. 

Israel was created through a United Nations mandate at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, around the historical Jewish city of Jerusalem, in the “Holy Land” central to the beliefs of three of the world’s great “religions” – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The Jews have had a history in the “Holy Land” for over 3,000 years, Christians for over 2,000 years and Islam for about 1,300 years. 

The creation of a Jewish homeland in the mid-20th Century displaced hundreds of thousands of Arabic-Muslims. They were to be given their own homeland adjacent to Israel but the Arab states rejected this and attacked Israel one day after she declared independence. Ten months later, Israel was victorious but a long, shadow war had begun.

Next time: Israel and Islam

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