Minorities and the Media

So, getting back to the Mexican-American issue, despite being the avowed champions of the immigrant, legal and illegal, the progressive/liberal/Democrat cabal has paid them lip-service, as they have the African-American community and yet, with the cooperation of the corrupted press/media, they are able to convince these groups that it is the Republicans who have abandoned them – a monstrous lie, as anyone reading the survey above can readily see.

This is magnified however, by the concentration of most immigrants, legal and illegal, in major population centers – where they are subject to the concentration of the biased liberal press and media working at major newspapers and television stations – on their way up the ladder of success – to New York City, the promised land of newsies – based on access to the newsmakers of the day who are provided with appropriate “talking points” by the cabal. Of course, this is a tactic perfected by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson’s “propaganda bureau” during the First World War.

There are 3141 counties in the United States. Only 364 (11.5%) have a white minority population, although nearly 25% of the nation’s 100 largest urban areas have white minorities, meaning that these counties, which contain all of the nation’s large population centers, are particularly attractive counties for the liberal press to bombard their readers and listeners with their biased reporting and opinions.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the 2016 election map representing all of the counties in America color-coded by whether the Republicans (in red) and the Democrats (in blue) cast a majority of votes. The map is virtually all red except for a small minority of counties containing large cities and the liberal news and media bastions in the Northeast and in Southern California as well as the white minority counties mentioned above which are concentrated along the Mississippi River in Mississippi and in Hispanic majority counties along the Rio Grande in Texas and in New Mexico.

In fact, Democrat voters only cast a majority of votes in 58 of the nation’s 3141 counties!

Even more dramatic is the popular vote count. The banner headline in the major media markets was that Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by approximately 2 million votes – a record according to the newsies. But, a closer look at the details reveals a staggering, and disturbing, fact. In the nations’ two largest cities – those subject to the largest concentration of news and media outlets that we know are dominated by the PLDC, Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3.5 million votes. Those cities: New York City and Los Angeles.

What this means is that, without such outlandish pluralities in these two liberal capitals, Donald Trump won the popular vote! Thank God for the wisdom of the founders in creating the Electoral College to ensure against such a deviant concentration of political power. I can think of nothing worse than the fate of our great nation being placed in the hands of New York City and La La Land.

In fact, nearly half the non-Cuban Hispanic population live in just 10 of the large urban areas of America. As one listens to the ignorance (I use the non-pejorative here) of the “man-on-the-street” interviews of people living in our major cities that are so popular on late-night television, the effectiveness of the media bias – in its reporting, distorting and ignoring real news and information – is striking.

Illegal immigration across the porous southern border isn’t the only source of uncontrolled immigration. A large percentage (no one knows the scale) enter legally under travel or work visas and then just disappear into the urban jungles. They then have babies and, voila, their babies are citizens and they can remain in our country. Many foreigners come here for the sole purpose of having their baby here. “It’s their right, as written in the Constitution”, shout the progressive/liberal advocates. No, it’s not!

The Constitution states, in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 4, that the Congress has the Constitutional authority “To establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization”. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified on July 9, 1868, states; “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.”

There are, in fact, two written components to American citizenship: 1. birth or naturalization in the U.S. and 2. being subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, ie; already a citizen of the United States. Today, we somehow have come to believe that anyone born within the geographical limits of the U.S. is automatically subject to its jurisdiction; but this renders the “and” and the jurisdiction clause itself utterly superfluous.

If this had been the intention of the extraordinarily well-schooled framers of the 14th Amendment (in terms of the Constitution, because of the emotional debates surrounding the 13th Amendment in 1864-65), they would have said simply that “…all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. are thereby citizens”. But, they didn’t.

In fact, the phrase “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof… the United States” means not subject to the jurisdiction of (a citizen of) another country. If they are already subject to the jurisdiction of (a citizen of) another country, they cannot be citizens of the United States and their offspring, even if born here, cannot be automatically made a citizen of the United States.

Simply put, if neither parent is an American citizen, then their biological child, even if born in the United States, is not a citizen – notwithstanding all of the legal blunder and erroneous bluster and blather of the PLDC about birthright citizenship.

So, why the lengthy dissertations about Tribal-Americans, African-Americans and non-Cuban Hispanic-Americans? Because they all have one thing in common – a cultural narrative that relies on unsupported claims of monolithic rights based on historical incongruities that have led to bad policy on the part of majority Democrats in the federal government seeking to coerce votes from uninformed constituents.

These untold number of policy decisions, from minor administrative changes to major policy, taxing and spending bills, to critical foreign policy decisions to torturous legal opinions have had enormous cultural and societal consequences that have set citizen against citizen in passionate conflict, resulting in real and psychological injury and death and are, quite literally, tearing this country apart. For instance:

La Raza; the Mexican-American group that claims all of the U.S. territory ceded (for a price) by Mexico as a result of the victory of the United States in the Mexican-American War back in 1848, based upon unsupportable claims that the territories were stolen from Mexico. They obviously are not happy that Mexico lost the war but, as we have said before, if a nation cannot hold its territory and protect its people, it is bound to lose both. That is the nature of human civilization where competition for scarce resources – and land is a scarce resource – is universal and eternal.

La Raza’s absurd claims (absurd from the point of view that: Does any rational person really, seriously believe that it would ever happen?) are characteristic of many social grievance movements that provide a forum for false prophets and a platform for the bullies we have seen, who use intimidation and fear to emotionally coerce their target audience into agreement with their arguments and prevent anyone with a counter-argument from participating in a debate. In most modern-day social grievance movements, there is no debate allowed.

For instance – the elite college-student “Occupy” movement and the African-American student “Black Lives Matter” movement. Both of these movements are based on a lie. For the former, it is that the economic laws of ‘supply and demand’ and ‘profit and loss’ no longer apply to the world economy and, therefore, big-business is exploiting the workers of the world for immoral purposes. For the latter, it is that white law enforcement personnel are systematically targeting African-American youth nationwide for execution. Their slogan: “Don’t shoot.” allegedly uttered by a shooting victim, with his arms raised, in Ferguson, MO, never happened. Their arguments in support of their movements are patently absurd and, frequently irrational. It is “groupthink” on a grand scale.

These singular arguments, devoid of critical truth and analysis, are the same arguments heard in many, many living rooms and around numerous dinner tables in too many minority households in America where the next generation of acolytes are schooled in what will become a geo-political worldview that features belief in the unassailable, universal and eternal “truth” of hatred, bigotry and racism for people-of-color that is exclusive to the white community.

That view will be augmented by the foreign nationals who come to our shores in hope of becoming American citizens (by hook or by crook) but, in the meantime want the American people to change their American culture to suit the newcomer’s particular likes and dislikes. A popular description of such behavior is “unmitigated gall”.

This, of course, is

·         The same white community who stood with the noble abolitionists for seventy-five years of struggle to end slavery in America – before it was ended almost anywhere else in the world and continues that worldwide fight today;

·         The same white community who bled and died by the hundreds of thousands in a Civil War to guarantee African-Americans equal rights to the American Dream and then ratified the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to preserve it;

·         The same white community that valiantly tried to remake the former Confederate States during Reconstruction only to be overruled by an, again, misguided Supreme Court and a progressive social grievance movement that settled upon a strategy of divide and conquer by pitting black against white, rich against poor, men against women, immigrants against citizens, labor against management and the federal government against the sovereign States;

·         The same white community who worked side-by-side with brilliant African-American lawyers to finally overturn ninety years of Jim Crow in Brown v Board of Ed;

·         The same white community that pushed through the civil rights acts to finally bring into reality the fundamental Constitutional principle that “All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…” only to have that opportunity – two-hundred years in the making – hijacked by nefarious, black opportunists’ intent upon lining their own pockets at the expense of the entire black community – once again enslaving their own people;

·         The same white community who provided tribal-Americans with the means to end the historical poverty of the reservation by allowing the establishment of gambling casinos on tribal lands – with no competition from non-tribal entities – only to have the tribes who could establish casinos squabble with the unfortunate tribes over the division of the economic benefits – thereby perpetuating tribal-American poverty and social disintegration on the reservations;

·         The same white community who welcomed the refugees from Communist Cuba to South Florida and the South Vietnamese refugee community to Southern California where they both have built thriving communities and who have produced charismatic and capable political leaders who are flourishing in the Republican Party.

 ·         The same (predominantly) white community that has contributed more than $22 trillion to America’s “War on Poverty” only to see more people in poverty and dependent upon government handouts now than before the war started more than 50 years ago.

 It is a cycle of racism that must be broken so that individual talent and contributions to society are seen to be worth more than government handouts. This can only happen when the champions of the seemingly unending parade of social grievance movements – those that benefit personally, e.g. the press, the media, academia, the judiciary, the Democrat Party and the entertainment industry – are toppled from the pedestals from which they preach their unending litany of fraudulent truth to a population denied – by the very same champions – the ability to rationally evaluate their specious arguments.

The PLDC has those who have been exclusively exposed to their influence so screwed up in their thinking that a Minnesota Democrat (an obvious “true believe”) running for State office actually said about radical Islamic terrorists, specifically the “Islamic State” faction, that it; “… isn’t necessarily evil” and its members were doing what they thought was best for their community.” This, a comment about the very incarnation of evil in our time; a group who are close to being declared “not human” at all but some mentally defective sub-group of the genus homo.

Charging white Americans – exclusively – with hatred for, bigotry toward and racism against people-of-color – specifically the groups discussed above – is hypocritical, intellectually dishonest and non-productive and will ultimately fail – as it has for the past fifty years of the Great Society – because it is based on a lie – as we have seen. It will only continue to polarize the races until the point where desperation leads those who have been abused by the race-baiters among us, to another civil war – only this time it will be between European-Americans and the minority groups who have been condemned to their poverty by the PLDC.

The evidence is overwhelming that there are already two Americas. Refer again to the 2016 election map mentioned above. There is an urban America, subject to the dishonest and coercive campaigns of the PLDC which breed a calculated disrespect for authority, illiteracy and ignorance, and a suburban and rural America where the three-out-of-four Americans who believe the nation is on the “wrong track” and headed in the wrong direction live, work and fight to ensure the education of their children.

This divide will not repair itself. It will only heal when a healthy respect for the TRUTH becomes a national obsession.

Next time: Religion and Politics

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