Atlas Speaks

Introduction: It has been several months since this blog began and I thought new readers could benefit from seeing the reason for it all – the most critical issue of our time – the lie that America has become because of the efforts of dispirite individuals who seek power and prestige at the expense of the American people by denying them the truth, especially the truth about human beings and human behavior, contained in the Constitution.

Dear Reader,

Thomas Edson loved his electric train. What a sight it must have been watching him play with his new toy. It wasn’t a small train however; it was full sized. He wasn’t the engineer though. That would have been my grandfather. Such company inspired his son – my father, who also spent his life on the cutting edge of technology, finally leading him to a hidden valley in Tennessee. Who am I? I am John Galt – John Taggart Galt.

That’s not actually my name but my parents were the real life inspiration for the fictional characters John Galt and Dagny Taggart in the famous and controversial mid-century novel. How do I know this? My “Auntie Ayn” told me so. In fact, early on when she told my parents of her book concept they had a good laugh about it and decided to name their first born in such a way as to honor the characters. That’s how I got the initials “JTG”. As for my real name – I’m not that dumb!

My purpose in writing now is to provide a simple contextual historical narrative for Americans who have been deprived of the opportunity to recognize the real and present danger they are facing because of a deliberate and sustained effort, on the part of some Americans, to change the character of America itself from a nation of free and exceptional citizens to a nation controlled by an imperial federal government run by a few, self-appointed elites.

The main cause of this danger is the contrived ignorance of the vast majority of Americans – perpetrated by true-believers in the wisdom and superiority of a monstrous central government featuring central planning of virtually every aspect of national life; a belief that America is responsible for (and must be punished for) a genocidal imperialism that spanned the continent and then the world – and a conviction that American exceptionalism, lasting from 1775 to 1945, is a myth that must be replaced with “the” truth – their truth.

So, I intend to tell you the story – the factual story in serial form – of the quasi-political movement that began in America shortly after the Civil War – a veritable “Shakespearean-ish” cabal which, through the generations, has systematically usurped the power of our Constitution to reflect their own peculiar view of democracy and not that of the Founders expressed in that Great Document – a document provided to the People in order to guarantee their hard-won freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights – but, instead, to guarantee to the cabal, their desire to accumulate political power and privilege – in perpetuity – unto themselves.

The members of this cabal have inserted themselves incrementally and insidiously into the national life and into the personal life of every citizen through the infiltration of one of America’s two great political parties, the Democrat Party and, subsequently, a manipulation of the political process involving the control of knowledge and information from cradle to grave – very specific information – factual truth – in order to gain control of the levers of power and create the one thing that the Founders feared the most – Big Government beyond the control of the People.

I first read “Auntie Ayn’s” book in high school in the early 60’s – although I had heard my parents talk about it with friends when it first came out. My parents had to clarify some of the liberties “Auntie Ayn” took with their personal lives and loves but I found it a great fictional read about the power of subversives within the

government manipulating the public through language and the control of information – gaining more and more power through propaganda intended for our own people – the People – which brings me to the point of this whole soliloquy.

I intend to tell truth – the factual truth herein – directly to illegimate power – power garnered through falsehood.

I saw in this first reading of her magnum opus as decidedly a work of fiction about a dystopian society in some alternate American universe. After my mother’s recent passing, I read it again and this time I found “Auntie Ayn’s” real author’s message. Her purpose was cautionary and her story is now arguably non-fiction and virtually a treatise on the current state of affairs in America. America is in grave danger of becoming a real-life “shrugging”, dystopian society and the national and global chaos that is already visible down this road may very well destroy us all.

So why am I coming forward now? It’s because something is seriously wrong in my country and this “auntie’ of mine predicted precisely this trouble over a half-century ago. How did we rise to the pinnacle of human civilization? How did we lose our way? How did we go from a meritocracy – where the most determined and passionate of us climb to the top – to a dependency where the lightest of us float to the top, like oil on water – the unctuous among us? How do we return to the mountaintop? To find the answers, we need to go “back to the future” she described in order to prevent reality from imitating really frightening art during our own time.

In “I Must Resist”, a posthumous 2012 collection of African-American civil rights leader Bayard Rustin’s personal correspondence, Rustin states in a 1942 letter that the role of a religious group is to “speak the truth to power,” The expression refers to speaking what one believes to be true, especially something that might offend or criticize those in authority with the power to retaliate, in spite of the negative consequences that might result. It is long past time to speak truth to power.

There does seem to be at least one common denominator when it comes to speaking truth in the name of advancing power – and that is courage. The courage to stand upon one’s own convictions. To speak truth is to speak life in a way that informs and encourages all who seek to preserve it. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

The very best example of speaking truth to power is, according to George Kennan, the dean of American diplomats, “The Gulag Archipelago”, Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s account of Stalin’s terror, “… the most powerful single indictment of a political regime ever to be levied in modern times”. By bearing witness, Solzhenitsyn certainly did as much as any artist could to bring down the Soviet system, a monstrosity that crushed millions of lives. His courage earned him imprisonment and exile. His truth eventually caused the collapse of the soviet Empire.

The very worst example was the depraved savagery of the progressive-liberal constituency, especially one Anita Hill, during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, an African-American, in the late 1980’s – which is still celebrated today in the popular literature on “speaking truth to power. The African-American Ms. Hill’s testimony in no way provided anything that either the American people, or the Senate, needed to know. It was simple, vicious, self-serving, unverifiable character assassination. It also required no courage at all since Ms. Hill was declared a darling of the political left even before she testified.

What follows is my perspective on truth in modern day America, in whose military I served for over twenty years, in a technology my father had a significant role in developing, and its history which I have studied in pursuit of several post-graduate degrees with cores in American history and to which I refer liberally, under the “fair use” provisions of U.S. copyright law, from widely available sources in the literature – readily available (with source citations online) in our amazing Information Age – an age currently suffering from a worldwide pandemic of falsehoods and counterfactual arguments about the factual truth of our history and current issues. Don’t believe me – check it out yourself – it’s not hard.

Using these sources, with thanks to, and appreciation for, all of the researchers, writers and scholars who make their hard work available online – plus a lifetime of experience – I have, like any good analyst, condensed a nearly insurmountable narrative into a comprehensible survey to provide chronology, clarity, coherence, congruence, connection, consistency, context, continuity and convergence to the facts and truth – warts and all – to illuminate a greater truth about the complex pre-history and history of America that most Americans have never had the opportunity to consider. You have only read or heard one perspective on these issues – the progressive/liberal/Democrat one. Now, “… here’s the rest of the story”, with apologies to “America’s conscience” – the late Paul Harvey.

I am not defending a rigorous, scholastic thesis, the evidence in the public record is already so compelling that the preponderance of the assertions presented here provides enough certainty to conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt that, if we don’t quickly change the direction we are going, this nation will fail and the world will be plunged into another brutal dark age – terrorized by the same primitive barbarian hoards that plagued the last one and whose horsemen are already at the gates of Western Civilization in the Caucuses, the Ukraine, Central Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East – and right here at home.

My discussion proceeds with a survey of the major players in the drama that has resulted in the precarious position our nation occupies in the early 21st Century. As an organizing principle, I look at the history of particular groups in the contemporary discussion in: Abolitionist to Progressivist; Progressivist to Abortionist; Liberal to Libertine; Migration to Reservation; Colonist to Constitutionalist; Slave to Citizen; Immigration to Assimilation, Religion to Politics; Capitalist to Collectivist; Invincible to Irrelevant; Intellectualism to Intelligentsia; Free Press to False Press; Art to Artifice; Academia to Indoctridemia; Patriot to Politico; Sovereign to Supine; Truth to Terrorism; Minuteman to Militia; Statesman to Subversive and finally; Tyranny, Majority to Minority.

I see a common thread running through these themes. This thread marks the continuing campaign to rewrite history – from its first blush in the nation’s newspapers and in the daily news shows on radio and television to celebrating sympathetic academic works that seem to convey legitimacy – in order to further their agenda of institutionalizing their vision – one of shifting power from the People to what I call, the progressive/liberal/Democrat Cabal –

the PLDC political elite – and leaving the People oblivious and subservient to the federal government.

Others may see different threads. Perhaps the PLDC version of history which holds that Western Civilization has been dominated for centuries by old, white, straight, Christian, European males who have exploited all “others” – women, children, non-Christians (especially Jews), people-of-color, aboriginals, immigrants, homosexuals, etc. in order to achieve lives of luxury, power and prestige for themselves – and that this culture came to America with the European settlers in the 16th Century – virtually all of whom, by the way, were nearly destitute or in bondage when they arrived.

Throughout, I consecrate the “People” as they are inscribed in the Preamble to the Constitution, and relate their struggle with historical antagonists by analyzing the casualties resulting from conflict between the two great American ideologies remaining since America reached the apex of civilization at the end of World War II, when I was born and everything was possible – Traditionalism and Progressivism.

On occasion, I will use the term “aboriginal” in its non-pejorative dictionary context as: “…inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists…” – as all past and current inhabitants of every area of the globe are either immigrants or colonists – replacing or displacing more primitive aboriginal peoples who were there before them – except, of course, for the first humans out of Africa.

I also will capitalize the word State when it refers to any one, or all of, the several States that comprise the United States in order to honor the primacy of the States over the federal government in our constitutional republic – a vital aspect of our governmental system that has been lost to history – and politics.

Occasional short Melville or Michener-esque digressions, from more open source content than may be necessary (but that may interest some readers who desire more context), will be color-coded and indented. Hopefully, something will catch your eye – something you have a particular interest in or curiosity about and you will read further and/or do your own research. Some may be more interesting than the fundamental story. Skip over them if you desire, they do not affect the chronology or continuity.

This is not a narrative. I merely drop you into a particular issue of concern to examine completely and truthfully, then you are whisked away to another. If you desire, just read the chapters that peak your interest – they are all variations on a common theme – different strains of the same deadly virus that is eating away at the fiber of American society and culture. In either case, copious citations are easily accessible on the Internet using keywords in the text. It is presented in serial form, as was an earlier work meant to galvanize social action – through the Abolitionist movement – Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in the mid-19th Century. I hope, through “Atlas Speaks”, to galvanize action through a Constitutional “restoration” movement in the 21st.

Present-day America doesn’t want context. American’s want everything – right now. Context requires that one slow down and consider. I hope to generate thoughtful comment from the People about the mortal combat that is occurring every day in our great country between the People – representing the Constitution as it was drafted, meant, intended, understood and implemented – its words and their meaning to the drafters and, more importantly, the People who ratified the Constitution – and Progressives and other, more sinister, characters – for want of better groupings – who would destroy the Constitution if it served their purpose – which is to replace the People with literal and figurative puppets while other wizards pull the strings.

I do not intend to suffer peer review (akin to suffering fools, gladly – which I do not) – can you imagine criticism from the nation’s elite academics, pundits, politicians, entertainers and intellectuals (actual and pseudo), whose credentials consist of endorsement from some of the 20th Century’s real villains and whose careers are dependent upon the glorification of the false progressive/liberal template that this monograph will eviscerate? If the academic status of the various “…Studies” programs (African, Women’s, Transgender, etc. – one must be a member of the “peer” group to be allowed to participate in review) that are de rigueur at the nation’s elite universities today – although, if the gross misconduct and collusion in alleged peer review of environmental studies are any indication – peer review is already dead and gone.

I believe that America is indeed an exceptional country, perhaps the most exceptional in history, because of our unique Constitution – forged in a completely unique time and place that will never occur again. Our Constitution is under attack and we must understand this – once we lose the uniqueness – the exceptionalism – of our Constitution, it will be gone forever and we will be just like any other nation – and then where will the world turn for safety and security?

I truly hope that, through an enlightened dialogue that I will begin after my survey is complete in the section titled “Where Do We Go from Here?” we can recover the America we have lost because the alternative is unacceptable to too many of the People. If you have any doubts about the truth I propose – read on.

Finally, this is not some esoteric recitation of historical research. I have borne witness daily to the cultural decline in America over the past seven decades – have you? So, do not make the mistake of attacking the messenger (either me – you don’t know who I really am – or my “Auntie” – get over the criticism of her ecclesiastical and abstruse philosophical digressions – they aren’t essential to her tale – but do provide fodder for the bovine critics), for that will provide prima facie evidence that “you’d be better off a havin’ people thaink’n you‘all’er stupid, than t’open yer mouth and remov’n all doubt, bless yer heart.” – As we say in the South.

I have no expectation that everyone will believe what I say here but, if America continues down the track she is on – the track of planned voter ignorance – then everyone will remember what I predicted here. I am not writing for the progressive/liberal/Democrat cabal and their willing accomplices – they are beyond redemption at our level but, I am writing for the 75% of the People who believe America is the wrong track, who have retained their skepticism of Big Government and who, hopefully, will heed a call-to-arms – to arm themselves with the

factual truth by questioning the press, the media, the teacher’s unions, Hollywood and academia – purveyors of propaganda all.

Be prepared for the vitriol that will be heaped upon you because, when you have the truth on your side – factual truth, not convenient truth – you have a mighty weapon that will create fear in the hearts of the enemy – in this case – Constitutional enemies of We, the People.

Finally, have as much fun with this as I am having!


P.S. As I mentioned above, I have used widely available online sources to give coherence to this work. Nothing in this treatise that is contained within quotation marks is original content. It has been gathered from open sources under the “fair use” provisions of U.S. copyright law, from widely available sources in the literature – with readily available source citations online. Occasionally, I insert clarifications or critical comment within brackets embedded within the quotations. Where content has been obtained from other sources, author attribution has been included.

Disclaimer: For all of those dyed-in-the-wool progressives/liberals, this work is a fictional account of a fictional country, a dystopian United STATES of America, so there is no need to become apoplectic. Read some, read all or ignore – that’s up to you – after all, it’s a free country.

Relax and enjoy it but, with apologies to Émile Zola; know that: “j’accuse” the mercurial Progressive/Liberal/ Democrat Cabal of contempt, prejudice and bigotry against Judeo-Christian culture, in particular, and Western Civilization, in general – which is threatening to tear America apart.

Please continue to comment as you like so that the discussion can lead to a better understanding of who we are and where we ought to be going.

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